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Great Britain United was set up for the British people to give an unbiased opinion of the current state of the World via Social Media, News Media.

Britain of the 21st century is about tolerance, unity and diversity and Great Britain United/GBUnited can show the vision of how Britain can remain Great and United

Greatbritainunited reflects the concerns of the British people regarding the division of British communities by Far Right and Religious extremists taking advantage of a the biggest recession since World War 2 due to bankers greed and feuitless wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

We want  a free a fair media via our GBUnited channels to keep Britain United to ensure it remains a vibrant, tolerant and happy society rather than an atmosphere of suspicion and despair.

We aim to do this by ensuring the media reflects the following:

  • Promoting British values and assisting all different communities to feel engaged and be proud to show the world that Britain remains a great country
  • British people in the 21st century include those from England, Scotand , Wales , those with origins from the commonwealth countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Caribbean ) and in recent years Eastern European immigration has added to the vibrant mix of modern British life.
  • Campaigning against the rise of Far right Groups since 2012 including EDL, Britain First , Ukip and also extremist violent religious  groups including Isis, Al Qaeda , Hindu Shiv Sena/RSS, Buddhist extremists, American Tea Party.
  • Campaigning for a more equitable governmental policy to distribute wealth equitably to working class/Middle class.
  • Highlighting the injustice and increase of poverty in Britain since the Great Financial crisis of 2008.
  • Promoting values of democracy and tolerance of all Religious values including Islam, Judaism and Christianity -Enabling open days, Events to increase understanding within the different religious communities.